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My debstuts.topcities.com site just got up one day and disappeared, and my backup CD decided it was corrupt, so you will find that many of my tutorials for V7 are now gone ... with the help of some fantastic people the tuts on this page were found :) BIG thanks to you all!

Please check my missing page to see if you think you may have saved any of my lost tuts :)

On with the tutorials ... I hope you enjoy!

Velvet Butterfly Stationery

 Fanned Frame


Framed Globe

"Sewn" Butterfly

Marcazite Frame

Paper Texture Backgrounds

Let's Make a Window

A Room with a View

Glass Frame

A few more retrieved tutorials :))

Copper Shimmer Frame

Cupids Globe

Colouring B & W pics

Spiky Halo Frame

And more :)

Black & Bronze Frame

Preset Shapes

Underwater Collage

Masked Frame

By popular request, my V7 tuts are now in eBook form, you will find them all here


Last updated February 06, 2008

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