Paper Texture Backgrounds

All credit for this tutorial goes to Mary at Mary's Sea of Dreams

Mary wrote this tutorial, all I have done is convert it to PSP7 with Mary's permission, changed the plugin used to tile the image, and added the blend emboss step.



You'll need Simple Filters and FM Tile Tools


1. Select an image to use for your background - you can use this butterfly - right click to download it


2. Open your image, then press shift D to make a duplicate copy. Close your original image.

3. Go to image > plugins, open Simple Filters and select Quick tile

4. Go back to image > plugins, and choose FM Tile Tools > Blend emboss with the following settings.

5. Select file > save as and browse to your PSP TEXTURES FOLDER. Name your image and save it as a .bmp

6. Set your background colour to white, and select a colour for your foreground colour - I used #4D164F. You can reverse these settings if you wish - with a white foreground you get a lighter background - this is how your tile will look if you reverse the colours

7. Open a new image 200 X 200 with a white background.

8. Go to layers and add a raster layer.

9. On your colour palette, choose the third tab down, and browse for the texture we created before.

10. Flood fill your image - you will notice that you now have the image the same colour as you chose for your foreground colour - cool huh :)

11. Go to layers and merge visible.

12. Now for some reason, this tile will not tile seamlessly, to fix that, choose your crop tool and using the picture below as a guide, crop your image down.

That's it :) Easy huh!

I hope you enjoyed doing this tutorial as much as I enjoyed writing it

If you have any problems or questions, please don't hesitate to contact me

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