This is what we will be making

To complete this tutorial you'll need the following supplies

The mask, gradient and image I used are here

The eBook of this tutorial is here

No outside filters are required

** I used PSP9 for this tutorial, but I'm sure this can be done with any version **

OK - lets get started

1. Open your graphic, press shift D to duplicate, then close your original

2. Set your foreground AND background to gradient, and choose the Catoe Country 60 gradient I supplied (or one that matches your graphic if you are using a different graphic).  Set the angle on your foreground gradient to 319, and the angle on your background gradient to 45 - both linear and no repeats. We will be swapping between your foreground and background gradients each time we flood fill, so if you get lost, just flood fill with the gradient that is opposite to the one we last used ;)

3. Add a symmetrical border of 3 (any colour), select your border with your magic wand and flood fill with your foreground gradient. Apply the following inner bevel. Do not deselect

4. Invert your selection and apply the following cutout. Deselect

5. Add a symmetrical border of 13, click with your magic wand, and flood fill with your background gradient. Do not deselect

6. Go to effects>texture effects>blinds, and apply the following settings, then repeat your blinds with horizontal checked. Sharpen if you wish, but do not deselect

7. Apply the following cutout, repeat with minus values, then deselect

8. Add a symmetrical border of 3, click with your magic wand, then flood fill with your foreground gradient, apply the same inner bevel we used before then deselect

9. Add a symmetrical border of 33, click with your magic wand and flood fill with your background gradient. Repeat the blinds effect we applied in step 6. Do not deselect

10. Add a raster layer, flood fill with your foreground gradient, deselect, then apply my butterfly mask with the following settings

11. Go to your layer palette and merge your mask layer.

12. Apply the following drop shadow

13. Go to adjust>sharpness>unsharp mask and apply the default settings

14. Select all, then go to selections>modify>contract and type in 33.  Because you are on your mask layer and NOT your image layer you can delete inside the selection, then invert your selection and merge all (flatten). Do not deselect

15. Apply the following cutout, then deselect

16. Repeat steps 3 to 8 and we're all done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial ;)

If you have any problems or questions, please don't hesitate to contact me

Last updated February 08, 2008

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