This is what we will be making

This gorgeous image is from the image gallery of Cecile Lensen

you can find her art at

To complete this tutorial you'll need the following supplies

The mask I used is here

My gold tile is here

Eye Candy 4 - Bevel Boss

The eBook of this tutorial is here

** I used PSP9 for this tutorial, but I'm sure this can be done with any version **

OK - lets get started

1. Open your image, press shift D to duplicate, repeat then close your original and minimize one of your images

2. Resize one of your copies to around 200 pixels, then apply seamless tiling with the default values, then minimize this tile and bring up your other copy

3. Resize your image now to a workable size - doing it later will ruin the effect

4. Add a raster layer, and flood fill with my gold tile

5. Apply the IR Checkerboard mask with the following settings

6. Go to selections>from mask, then to your layer palette and merge your mask group. Do not deselect

7. Sharpen your gold mask 4 times. Deselect

8. Add a symmetrical border of 25 (any colour), click your border with your magic wand and flood fill with the tile we minimized. Do not deselect

9. Apply Eye Candy 4 - Bevel Boss with the following settings. Deselect

10. Add a symmetrical black border of 20, click with your magic wand, add a raster layer, then flood fill with my gold tile. Do not deselect

11. Apply the same mask we used before, and repeat steps 6 & 7

12. Add a symmetrical border of 2, click with your magic wand, then flood fill with my gold tile, sharpen 4 times before you deselect

That's it - we're all done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial ;)

If you have any problems or questions, please don't hesitate to contact me

Written October 25 2004

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